A Voice for All Women

Join us for a night of honoring local women whose professional and volunteer work supports, embodies, and complements our mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. 

The Phoenix Award A local woman who has overcome obstacles to rise from poverty to self-sufficiency or who advocates and assists others in overcoming obstacles to rise from poverty or other difficult situations.

Woman of Social Impact Award- A local woman whose actions have had a positive, constructive impact on the social fabric of her community and well-being of individuals and families. Her work makes an impact toward youth development, racial justice, social justice, or those living in poverty.

Woman of Achievement An extraordinary woman who has broken through to the top of their profession and promotes the advancement of women, minorities, or those living in poverty.

Future Woman of Achievement Scholarship- A 1,000 dollar scholarship awarded to a young woman who is a leader in her local school, church, or community, and whose volunteer efforts directly impact youth or disadvantaged persons. 

Following the awards enjoy a Lip Sync Showdown where local area talent battle it out to be named the next Lip Sync Champion.