A Girl Like Me

"A Girl Like Me" strives to eliminate racism and empower girls by providing character education to girls K-3.

The program is a deliberate effort to help girls understand, care about, and act upon core ethical values.

The YWCA wants girls to be able to judge what is right, care deeply about what is right, and then do what they believe is right- even in the face of pressure from peers and temptation from within.

Currently the program is building upon the existing character education already provided at Washington School. Through a collaboration with Girl Scout troop of 65 K-3 girls; our program reinforces doing what is right in situations unique to girls of color, girls of varying abilities, girls living in poverty and girls in general.

This program is funded by Quincy Breakfast Kiwanis, the Samantha Otte Youth Fund, and local fundraising efforts.

  For more information about the program call Mary at (217) 221-9922 ext. 192.